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“After Class” is a masterclass in cringe comedy

“After Class” is a withering, brutal, uncomfortable and often laugh-out-loud hilarious film. Schechter takes an early line from Josh – “write what hurts”- and makes it his film’s thesis. Not everybody will embrace the film, but I think many people will find value in the challenging, morally ambiguous questions it asks.

Documentary review: “Same God”

“Same God” is a film worth wrestling with, worth discussing and debating because it asks questions that cut deep into the heart of America. These questions matter almost as much as the answers, and the first step toward uniting this divided nation is asking them.

“Bombshell” is not subtle, nor should it be

Could another filmmaker have told this story with more nuance? Almost certainly. Would it have been better? I’m not sure. In telling the stories of serial abusers like Ailes, nuance can feel a little bit like using kid gloves. Sometimes, you need to scream these stories from the rooftops in order to get your point across. That’s what “Bombshell” does. And it works.