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Obviously, it’s terrible: It’s “Cats”

Director Tom Hooper has added more dialogue, more “plot” and less cohesion. He’s overcluttered the film with distracting CGI and jokes that don’t land. He somehow managed to make “Cats” even more weirdly sexual than it already was. And that is just in the first 10 minutes.

“Blinded by the Light” is nostalgia done right

It is one of the most joyous films I’ve seen recently – not because it avoids the darkness of the past but because it embraces it. “Blinded by the Light” tells us that our life songs are made up of many verses – some beautiful, some painful. To deny any one of these verses makes the song, as a whole, a little less sweet.

“The Current War” is electric

Give the credit to who you will- be it Scorsese or Gomez-Rejon or the cast. But thank your lucky stars that this actually saw the light of day and that it managed to be as compelling, thoughtful and engrossing as it is.

“Adopt a Highway” stares into the void and finds hope

One of the many strengths of “Adopt a Highway” is how it looks straight into the suffering and doesn’t turn away for nearly 80 minutes. We see the lives of people rarely seen on the big screen or even in their own lives. It gives them a voice and a face. Even more importantly, after staring into the void of suffering, the film dares to tell us that there is hope.

“Midway” is halfway decent

When there’s not a single character you care about in a cast of dozens, that is a sign of bigger film-making problems. Emmerich has got the old war movie bombast down pat, but he displays little of the heart, the brains or the compassion.